About Us

Beta Chemical is one of the leading Textile Chemicals and Auxiliaries Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter, Indenter and Supplier in Bangladesh Textile Industry. They supply all kinds of Textile Dyestuff & Printing Chemicals and materials all over the Bangladesh.



Beta Chemical believe in long term business relationship. As per the motto of Beta Chemical- “Products of Quality”, they always try to provide the best quality goods to their buyer in Bangladesh and globally. They always maintain the quality and try to keep improving the quality whether they buy it or manufacture it. By providing quality products they ensure the credibility to market



This is the era of SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS or GREEN BUSINESS. Beta Chemical is concern about the environmental impact around the globe. So they try to import and supply the Nonhazardous or Less Hazardous chemical. They inspire or motivate their buyer to use environment friendly products that replaces demand for no green products which is greener than traditional competition. It is one of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

As a part of it, they try to provide the Eco Friendly certificates all of the chemicals they deal with. Like:  SGS, Eco Passport, OEKO-TEX, MSDS and lot others. Now a days International buyers looking for the Eco Friendly Chemicals. As per their demand and concerning about the environment to the factories & users of the chemicals we always suggest to use the eco-friendly chemicals.



Since 1995 Beta Chemical engaged with the chemical business in Bangladesh. From the beginning of 1995 Beta Chemical start business in Bangshal in Old Dhaka city, which is locally known as “Puran Dhaka”!

From the beginning of establishment, they try to provide best quality goods and services to their customers.  They increase their supply chain by establishing sales center and distributor all around the Bangladesh including Dhaka (Chawkbazar, Bangshal, Malitola, Mirpur, Savar, Gazipur, Narayanganj), Tangail, Chittagong and Comilla.

In 2008 Beta Chemical Open their Sales Branch office in Mirpur-10, Dhaka to extend their business and also fill up the customer demands area wise.

Beta Chemical is one the renowned Chemical Manufacturer in Bangladesh. In 2011 they start Manufacturing Glitter Powder locally to provide quality goods and to cover up the demand locally and internationally in the name of N.S. INDUSTRIES with the brand name ZORITEX. Which was totally new in Bangladesh and by start manufacturing chemicals locally Beta Chemical create a revolutionary steps for Bangladesh Chemical Industry. Which is the turning point of Glitter and Chemical business In Bangladesh.