Flexo Label Printing Ink

This is ready to use Low Odour (V.O.C. Free) single pack ink system which has been specially formulated for printing onto a wide range of materials using Letterflex / Flexo printing machinery to produce Printed Fabric Labels (PFL) with excellent Wash and Dry Clean resisitances and performance durabilities.

Suitable Printing Substrates: Polyester Satin, Polyester Taffeta, Acetate Satin, Coated Nylon Taffeta (PU & Acrylic), 100% Cotton Polycotton (50% Cotton 50% Polyester), Organza, Polyurethane.

Properties : Wash Resistance up to 90°C*

Dry Cleanable (except Metallic inks)

Superior Wet / Dry Rub properties

Excellent Cut & Fold properties

Excellent Scratch & Scuff resistances with good Adhesion & Flexibility on suitable substrates.

*except Metallic & Security type of inks (UV & IR) which will only wash to 40°C as single pack

Wash Resistance of Metallic inks can be increased to 60°C when used as a 2 pack system with XL-RB

Colour Range: Black, White, Clear, Other Color & Metallic’s.

Mixing Range Formula: can be supplied to produce any colour in the Pantone 1000, Metallic, Pastel, Fashion & Home, GOE & TINTS guides.

Custom Colour: any colour can be supplied as ink or Mixing Range formula.

Colors may be ordered in Transparent (TR) or Opaque (OP)


Flexo Printing Label

Product Brand Packing Price
1 Dense Black Perfectos 1 KG Contact Us
2 Dense White Perfectos 1 KG Contact Us
3 Other Colors Perfectos 1 KG Contact Us
4 Golden/Silver Perfectos 1 KG Contact Us


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