Screen Printing Squeegees Rubber and Blades

Beta Chemical manufacture and supply Screen Printing Squeegees. Those squeegee contains a high-quality polyurethane blade which is manufactured in the USA/China. We supply squeegees as per the demmand with different size and shapes.

We also supply Squeegee rubber or blade as per demmand. Squeegee rubber attending to all needs for screen printing.

  1. Rich in wear abrasion and solvent resistance.
  2. Recognizable in type and hardness at a glance by color
  3. Abundant in type and specification.
  4. Enable to print clearly with sharp squeegee edge finishing.
  5. Sufficient consideration on preventing meander.
  6. Enable to same printing quality on front/back of blade side










Flat & V Shape Size: 4000*50*9 mm
Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Green and Transparent.