Welcome To Beta Chemical

Beta Chemical is one of the leading Textile and Garments Printing Chemicals and Dyeing Auxiliaries/Chemical Manufacturer, Importer, Indenter, Whole-seller and Supplier in Bangladesh Textile Industry. Beta Chemical supplies all kinds of Textile and Garments Printing Chemicals and materials/equipment and printing machineries all over the Bangladesh.

Beta Chemical always look forward to introduce new technology of printing in Bangladesh textile and printing industry. By providing good quality and service along with technical support Beta Chemical take-over the trust of the industry.

Since 1995 Beta Chemical engaged with this textile chemical business. They increase their supply chain by establishing sales center and distributor all over the country.

From 2011 they start Manufacturing Glitter powder locally to provide quality goods within a good price and to cover up the demand locally and internationally in the name of N.S. INDUSTRIES with the brand name ZORITEX. This is one of the first and only one glitter manufacturing industry in Bangladesh.

From 2016 Beta Chemical start Textile Printing Machinery business in Bangladesh. They are the agent of world most renowned machinery brand. Giving technical support and training of machine from big factories to small users, Beta Chemical establish an example in textile industry which helps the industry to move forward without looking back and startup new small industry all over the Bangladesh.