Flock heat transfer film is a suede like garment film commonly used for fashion wear. It features easy cut and weeding and is available in a variety of bright colours making it a very suitable solution for corporate clothing, caps, school uniforms etc.

Beta Chemical Flock heat transfer flex is a suede-like velvet touch flex. It is high quality 0.5mm rayon flock and it comes with high density hot-melt at the back of the flex which enables the flex to be attached on the garments appropriately.
Our Flock is used for logos, numbers and letters on the T-shirts or sportswear and due to its special features, small and tiny designed are easily workable on the flex. It is excellent for cutting and weeding so it provides user friendly environment.

There are two types of Flock Vinyl

  • Printable Flock Vinyl: Printable heat transfer films are available in Flock film, all of which can be printed using eco solvent inks. Excellent ink absorption, vivid color, easy cut and weed ability make these films the ideal solution for customizing t-shirts, sportswear, uniforms etc. with colorful logos and designs.

  • Non Printable(Cuttable) Flock Vinyl: Thin and soft viscose flock. Suede-like surface. FLOCK has special hand feel of sheepskin effect, which enables touch of the logo design luxurious with peach skin effect