Glitter Powder

GLITTER POWDERGlitter describes an assortment of small, flat, reflective particles. Glitter particles reflect light at different angles, causing the surface to sparkle or shimmer. Glitter is like confetti or sequins, only smaller.

N. S. Industries or NSI is one and only Glitter powder manufacturer in Bangladesh. Since 2000 they involve with the glitter business in Bangladesh by the name of Beta Chemical. After getting a good response from the textile printing industries of Bangladesh, they decided to manufacture glitter powder locally in Bangladesh to reduce the cost of glitter powder & ensure or provide the quality glitter powder.

In 2011 Beta Chemical start Manufacturing Glitter powder locally to provide quality goods and to cover up the demand locally and internationally. This was totally new in Bangladesh.

N. S. Industries promote their glitter powder with the brand name ZORITEX. The name “ZORI” came from the Bengali meaning of glitter, and the “TEX” stand for the use of glitter powder in Textile Printing Industry.



The use of glitter powder mostly Clothing, Furniture, Bags, Shoes, Kids Toys, Arts & crafts. Etc. But N. S. Industry produce their glitter based on textile grade. Which means, the glitter powder use as screen printing chemical/accessories. It based on the Thickness and Stability under the heat/temperature.

Thickness: 36 Micron

Size & Shape: The shape of glitter powder is “Hexagonal“. We produce glitter powder of 3(three) different sizes. Which is:

1. Size: 1/128 or 0.06″
2. Size: 1/96 or 0.08″
3. Size: 1/64 or 0.15″

Stability: Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.

Ironing 110°C, (15 sec)
Dry Heat 180°C, (60 sec)

Packing: 5/kg PP bag and 4 bags in a Carton.

Price: Please Call or E-mail us for price.



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