Beta Chemical Glitter heat transfer flex creates attractive and eye-catching designs on your garments with sparkling and shining effects. It is made from real glitter flakes so the brightness is better but thanks to the unique production process, it leaves no glitter dust after transferring or washing which is an excellent feature for users.

Glitter heat transfer film is a brilliant and sparkling solution for fabrics especially those used in the fashion industry. It can be applied to dark and light fabrics made of cotton, polyester or cotton/polyester mix. Glitter heat transfer vinyl is one of the most popular choices for retail stores because of the striking shimmering effect on fashion garments.

There are two type of Glitter Flex

  • Printable Glitter Vinyl: Printable Glitter is a unique printable products for Solvent or eco Solvent inks. It can create glamorous and shimmering glitter look of designs with full color printing. White and various Neon Rainbow colors are available.


  • Cuttable Glitter Vinyl: Heat transfer glitter effects enable the fabric to look brilliant and fancy. Mainly used for women’s clothing