Pigment Ink

Pigment Ink: It is a water based pigment dispersion that has high colour productivity and used to colour the water based

Pigment Printing: A fabric that has been printed with a paste made of an insoluble pigment mixed with a binder and a thickener. In pigment printing, insoluble pigments, which have no affinity for the fiber, are fixed on to the textile with binding agents in the pattern required. Pigment printing is most economical printing process and allows maximum output of goods because of the elimination of washing off, quick sampling and high printing speeds. It is not possible to apply it directly on the fabric. Binder must be used to apply the pigment dye on the fabric.


Beta Chemical provide the good quality pigment ink in the market. Which is Eco-friendly. It does not contain harmful substances for inhalation and skin when used.

Application: Pigment Ink is used (1-5 %) in water based printing pastes.

Pigment Printing Process
Printing (with binder and fixer) (roller/rotary printing)
Drying ( Drying the printed fabric) (90-100%/110-120°C) (dryer)
Curing (Fixation of the printed dye or pigment) (cotton 140-160°C/110-120°C 3-5 min) (polyester 160-220°C , 30-60s) (stenter)


Pigment Printed Fabrics

Photo: Tuong Phat Company