Beta Chemical PU heat transfer vinyl is environment-friendly (PVC free) material and it is suitable for soft and smooth plotting compared with other PVC products. The Hot-melt side of PU is whitish so it could block out the color migration from the garments and it also helps the users’ to see the cutting line easily while working on the flex. And our PU has high elasticity and the PET liner (protective film) is sticky depends on the type.


There are two type of PU

  • Printable PU: Printable heat transfer films are available in PU film, all of which can be printed using eco solvent inks.Excellent ink absorption, vivid color, easy cut and weed ability make these films the ideal solution for customizing t-shirts, sportswear, uniforms etc. with colorful logos and designs.


  • Non Printable(Cuttable) PU: This easy to cut and weed film has high elasticity and strong adhesiveness, allowing fabrics to stretch through natural movement whilst maintaining excellent durability and the ability to withstand frequent washing. PU heat transfer film is the ideal solution for high quality, detailed designs and numbering for t-shirts, sportswear and other garments where durability is essential.