Beta Chemical PVC heat transfer vinyl can be used for delicate plotting, small designs such as numbers or letters. PVC heat transfer film is a little thicker and high temperature resistant adhesive base pvc film that can hold cut-out image in place for excellent transfer.
PET liner of the film is no adhesive but due to the thickness of the film, cutting of small design is possible. This vinyl is washable and suitable for a dry-cleaning. Our PVC heat transfer vinyl also provides good flexibility and durability as it shows no transformation by expansion and shrinking after applied onto garments.

There are two type of PVC

  • Printable PVC: Printable heat transfer films are available in PVC film, all of which can be printed using eco solvent inks. Excellent ink absorption, vivid color, easy cut and weed ability make these films the ideal solution for customizing t-shirts, sportswear, uniforms etc. with colorful logos and designs.


  • Non Printable(Cuttable) PVC: It features excellent cut and weed-ability, good flexibility and durability, showing no transformation by expansion and shrinking. It is very suitable solution for numbering, lettering and small logo or symbols, detailed designs for sports uniforms, t-shirts and other garments