Heat Transfer Vinyl

Beta Chemical is one of the Biggest supplier and sole agent of Heat Transfer Vinyl in Bangladesh. Based on continuous growth of Ready Made Garments(RMG) Industry and the buyer demand in Bangladesh, Beta Chemical always try to provide the modern technology. Heat Transfer Vinyl is the newest and most excellent looking print in modern times. Which increase the production lead time and much easier to use.


What Is Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Heat transfer vinyl, also known as iron-on vinyl, t-shirt vinyl or HTV, is a special type of vinyl that can adhere to fabric. The adhesive on the vinyl is activated with heat. This vinyl comes in sheets, rolls and packs. When you receive your vinyl, there is a front and a back. The front side is the shiny side- that shiny layer is the carrier sheet which you can peel off after you’ve ironed your project. The back side is the matte side, and that is the side you will cut when you create your design. It is also the side that has the heat-activated adhesive.



  • Plotting: By using Illustrator software, prepare designs, logos, graphics, letters or anything you want to express on Vinyl as mirror image.

  • Cutting: Cut the mirror image on a plotter cut machine.

  • Weeding: Weed(remove) unwanted parts of the film.

  • Placing the design on the fabric: Place the front image in the place where you want to transfer on the garment.

  • Heat pressing: Heat press at 150°C ~ 160°C for 10~15 seconds, at medium pressure.

  • Peeling off: Peel off the PET liner.

  • Complete!

*Image from Craftables Blog