Water Based Paste

What is a water-based printing paste ?
Water-based printing paste is water resistant acrylic emulsion as a binder and water as a solvent , plus some special features of the water to help Made of a mixed paste viscous liquid. At room temperature when exposed to the air since the cross-linking reaction can occur, and the water-insoluble resin to form a coating film.
Water-based printing paste range of applications and industries
In the garment industry and printing industry is developing rapidly , with its unique effects and lower cost , in the printing industry and the toy industry enduring. Can be used for cotton , TC fabric, blended fabrics, and some cloth bags and other materials printing.
Water-based printing paste the environmental requirements
Applications in the apparel and toy industries , so the requirements of environmental protection higher than other industries . As long as there is : Free of heavy metals , O Benzene , AZO , PVC, Formaldehyde , APEO etc., In addition, because the clothing to direct contact with the human body , so that it has a specific requirement , it is dry to the PH value of less than 7 is a weak acid.

Advantages of printing paste
Water-based materials cover strong color , color effect, available in dark background cloth fabric easily reflect gorgeous colors. Soft, flexible, printed pattern smooth, flat . Washing fastness , not easy to fall off. The use of water-based printing less investment , low cost , broad market , with great potential for development.

The use of water-based printing paste methods and precautions
Water-based printing to do, it is first necessary to understand the relevant printing materials. Have a certain understanding of the material, the need to master a more comprehensive printing techniques, in order to obtain optimum printing results.

The following is in the printing should pay attention to.

1. First, according to the different requirements of different materials or select the correct and appropriate printing paste . For example: in the general or cotton Blended cloth printing , the best selection generally flexible glue ; nylon cloth or denim cloth printing, in respect of nylon glue.

2. Use the mortar printing, if it is hand-printed words, the best choice of soft sets, head stencil selection between 1000-1200,
Net from close to zero that is printed tops . If it is mechanical printing , screen mesh used between 1200-1500, the net distance maintained at 3mm-5m Vacant printing .

3. With a mortar printing, pay attention to the proportion of mucilage and transparent pulp. Generally white and transparent white printing ratio 10-8:0-2; additive color printing white and transparent color kind of ratio of 0-2:9-7:0.1-1;

printing process: printing – dry (natural dry 24 hours) – heat treatment (120-150 ℃ bake 2-3 minutes)

4. If required washing or other special printing process , can add 1% -3% of the cross-linking agent for printing.
5. Use mortar printing , if the printing pattern is not enough light, in addition to appropriate adjustments to white glue and transparent pulp ratio can also be covered with a layer on a printed pattern PU varnish transparent pulp or pulp .