Emboss Paste

Embossing is a technique in which images and patterns are created on the surface of a product through the application of heat and pressure. Embossing is a natural and elegant process which changes the nature of the material on which it is done. Also known as Blind Printing, and Relief Printing, it is the creative impression of a design, decoration, or pattern on any surface. During the process of embossing, the surface of the embossed material raises adding a new dimension to the object. Embossing can be done on various materials like paper, metals, textiles etc.


Beta Chemical Supply Emboss Paste for textile or garment use. It’s a creamy or off white colored paste.


Emboss Print on Fabric


Emboss Print on Denim


Emboss printing process

Here is the Emboss printing process given below

Recipe: This is a sample recipe of emboss printing process

Product Quantity
Rubber paste 49%
Emboss Paste 49%
Fixer 2%


Process flow of emboss printing

Fabric Pre-treatment
Table preparation
Fabric plaited on the table
Apply printing paste by screen (3 times)
Place the fabric between dies
Press the fabric with machine for 15-20 seconds